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Keeping low carbon construction simple through lean and efficient design

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Our core engineering services include structural, geotechnical and drainage design with a focus on sustainable techniques.

We have delivered all kinds of building projects from the earliest planning stages through to construction and operation.

Through our experience in designing on constrained inner-city sites with all the associated challenges of working around existing infrastructure such as basements, foundations and tunnels, we are able to unlock complex sites, interrogate design briefs and identify key issues which will impact a development.

We have a broad experience in traditional materials and new forms of innovative technologies and modern forms of construction. This enables us to design the lean and efficient structures we passionately believe in.

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We are civil and structural engineering consultants who are passionate about design, working tirelessly to enable the client's vision.


As custodians of the built environment, we are acutely aware of our professions' potential contribution to sustainable development. We are strong advocates of lean design, the reuse of materials where possible and alternative cleaner methods of construction; all of which can also benefit our clients financially.


We passionately believe that innovation is a key driver to sustainable development and commit part of our revenue towards research on less resource extensive technologies.


As a design-focussed practice, we strive for excellence in communication – verbal, written or graphical. Designs which are communicated with clarity allows the team to intuitively relate to the structural philosophy and makes it easier to price and construct.






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