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This site is set in Mayfair, next to Hyde Park and overlooks the renowned Dorchester Hotel. The original building was demolished with the signature Portland stone façade retained in the process and incorporated as part of the new envelope. A new three storey deep basement was constructed to provide private parking spaces and gym space for the residents.

To enable the client’s and architect’s vision for this unique boutique residential space of unparalled high ceilings and craft, the engineering team worked tirelessly to limit the inclusion of columns and minimise the structural zone of the concrete frame structure, thus maximising the available headroom within the consented planning heights.

Several innovative steps were also taken which reduced costs and programme while also maximising the saleable footprint of the development. This includes the re-use and strengthening of an existing basement retaining wall using carbon fibre reinforcement and utilising a concrete liner wall compositely with secant piles to minimise the thickness of earth-retaining structures for the new basement construction.

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